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Going within in Winter

June 12, 2019


Can you feel it? The drawing in, slowing down, the call to rest that is Winter?


As you get to know your body, tune into it's natural rhythms and cycles and align with the seasons, most people will naturally feel the call of the cold. It's a call to reflect, restore, tend to and nurture our foundations. We are not far away from a new solar year, now is the time to go within, check in, snuggle in. 


What can that look like? We'll get to that in moment....


But what if you still feel the outward pull of energy? If you still feel restless, irritable, agitated?


Take a moment to tune it physical? Have you been neglecting the body's need for movement? It can be easy once the weather takes on an icy wet tinge to forgo our exercise for a hot chocolate (with homemade marshmallows, YUM!). But we need to move and I PROMISE you, you will feel so much better for it! A brisk walk in the fresh air at lunch can reinvigorate you for the rest of the day. If it's truly dismal outside, how about the gym, yoga, pilates or just a dance off in the lounge room.

 Or perhaps it's that there is something you are not ready to reflect on, deal with, investigate. That's OK!! No one is saying you have to, least of all me! Let me float this idea to you, numbing can be a form of self care. Yep! We can give ourselves permission to put the brakes on self inquiry and give ourselves comfort for a while. Now, in saying that, I'm not advocating for potentially harmful numbing practices like drinking or drugs for example, but I do believe it's ok to not think, analyse, or deep dive if we are just worn out or need a break.


The bottom line is, tune into what YOU need this season.


Now, back to some ideas of how to work with the season if you feel the call...


Have more cooked, warming foods, including lots of warming herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, and cloves. 


Drink plenty of warm fluids such as herbal teas. Indoor heating can dry you out without you even realising!


Go to bed earlier. 


Spend time outdoors when you can. If you can get a good day, a bush walk is great.


Feel invigorated by the cold.


Take some time to stretch each night. We can tend to tense our muscles in resistance to the cold so give them some love each day and release and relax them.


Get cosy on the couch and journal about your experiences and lessons over the last solar year and what you'd like to create in the next.


I love making chai each morning. I let the spices soak overnight so it really packs a punch and gets me warmed up!


And enjoy the season for what it is. It'll be gone before we know it.


Much love,



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