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Balancing Your Health

September 26, 2018

What can you bring into your life to create more balance?


What can you do that is sustainable, do-able, nourishing and nurturing?



These are great questions to ask at this time of year, as the weather warms and we feel ourselves emerging from our winter cocoons to embrace the possibilities inherent with spring.


As many people begin their detox regimes or start hitting the gym to get their bodies "bikini ready", I'm asking you to reconsider these (often) punishing regimes which are rarely sustainable. Instead, I'm asking you to think about what is the next step you can take on your health journey that will enhance your well-being, bring you joy, nourish your spirit and make you shine?


This could be committing to taking a walk every day and getting sunshine on your skin.


It could be to increase your vegetable intake by 1 serve every day, or try a new recipe each month.


It could be to plant some salad greens and connect with the earth.


It could be to keep a gratitude list, or journal, or meditate every evening.


Mine is to simply to drink more water. 


They don't have to be big things. To be honest, I find that most people are so busy and stressed that big diet overhauls or gym commitments only make them feel worse.


Set yourself up to succeed. Set yourself up to shine.


With love and sunshine,

Lisa x


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