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Is there a Spring in your step?

September 1, 2018

It is officially the first day of spring!! Spring is my most favourite time of year. I LOVE the flowers, the lengthening days, the vibrant green and the first time I smell jasmine on a warm evening. But realistically, down here in the south of Australia anyway, we've still got a few more weeks until we can really say goodbye to winter. And for some of us, that may be a good thing....


How are you feeling? We've just come out of winter, a time to slow down, reflect, nurture ourselves. Feel ourselves rooted into the earth, going inward, reconnecting with ourselves. By now, if you have done your winter 'work', you should be feeling energised, like a bud about to blossom and welcome a feeling of expansion and outward energy. 


But many of us don't. We haven't slowed down over winter at all. We may have even decided to escape and go to warmer climes. We've been sick and have forgotten about convalescence. We have continued being busy, busy, busy. We have forgotten that we are natural, cyclical creatures who need time to rest and rejuvenate to be our best.


But it's not too late. If you feel a little below par, that you need more rest, do it now! Clear the calendar for the next couple of weeks and allow quiet. Allow contemplation. Nurture your body with warm, hearty food. Nurture your mind with time to reflect and prioritise and dream some dreams for the warmer season. Make the most of these next couple of cold weeks to check your 'foundations'.


Set yourself up for a vibrant Spring and Summer!


With love,

Lisa xx






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