blends ancient wisdom with modern science. Lisa practices in a vitalistic way,

recognising that often healing needs a mutli-faceted and complex approach as we, as individual human beings, are multifaceted and complex.

Naturopathy can treat a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic, through the use of natural medicines such as herbs, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle counselling. Your body’s natural healing ability is encouraged, your innate constitution is respected and balanced and your unique way of life is taken into account when a treatment plan is formulated.

Lisa will look at any current pathology tests you have and interpret them in a holistic way, looking at optimal reference ranges. Lisa may also perform physical examinations including blood pressure, tongue analysis, iridology, urine analysis or refer you for further testing such as functional pathology.

thyroid conditions including pre- and postpartum

autoimmune conditions

gut health

energy disorders


Appointments are available in person at Lisa's clinic, 5 minutes from Castlemaine, Victoria or online.

Lisa's special areas of interest are:
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